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GrayHawk provides our ExactaStim service using our patented hydraulically operated straddle packer systems that do not require mechanical or tubular manipulation for activation.

ExactaStim (Cased Hole)

ExactaStim (Open Hole)

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Operating Envelope

  • Sizes for 4 1/2", 5 1/2", 7", 9 5/8" casing
  • Ideal for open hole/barefoot
  • Tool length is jointed pipe or coil-tubing friendly
  • Standard 10,000 psi, 300°F rating can be upgraded
  • Location of energizing chambers prevents differential sticking
  • 4 modes of release redundancy
  • Customizable TFA to customer's stimulation program

Benefits and Features

  • No limit to pump rates
  • Designed and engineered for 70 plus stages on a single run
  • Excellent for extended reach as no tubing manipulation required
  • Accessories can be ran with tools
  • Nothing left in the hole so you have full bore
  • Optional "Stay Set" feature allows for complex pumping programs
  • Lower fluid cost over pump downs
  • Every stage receives stimulation
  • Eliminate liners in stable carbonate formations

multistage straddle packer system


  • Open or cased hole
  • Injection wells
  • Straddle and cleanup Inflow Control Devises (ICDs)
  • Saltwater disposal wells
  • Excellent for matrix stimulation of carbonates
  • Temporary buffer for water shutoff
  • Low rate for tracer injection
  • High rate for fracturing
  • Re-frack or re-stim ported or sleeved completions


GrayHawk Tools International is committed to building and inspecting all tool components to meet or exceed industry standards with full traceability maintained throughout all stages of our operations

Mini-Frac Acid Stimulation

Graph of Fluoric Acid Stim
Graph of Stage 2 Fluoric Acid Stim

N2 Foam - 20/40 Sand

n2 foam chart 1
n2 foam chart 2

Optional "Stay Set" Feature

Flow Loop Testing

Flow Loop Testing: 136 Recorded Stages

136 Stage @ 5.0

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