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GrayHawk provides our ExactaPerf service using our patented mechanical casing perforator powered by our patented ExactaThrust force multiplier to breach and perforate steel well casing without explosives.
Work Impact Hardened Pipe

Work Impact Hardened

three blades at 120 degree phasing

3 Blades @ 120° Phasing

diagram of ExactaPerf
5 1/2" Casing Perforator Test

5 1/2" Casing Perforating Event

One Trip Well Plug and Abandonment System

ExactaPerf diagram showing partsexactaperf-diagram-vertical
  • No explosives, No Explosion Risk
  • Environmentally Friendly - No scrap steel gun casings
  • No Electric Wireline Truck required
  • Good for highly populated or high traffic areas
  • Ideal in high security risk areas and countries
  • Sequentially perforate and cement squeeze in a single trip
  • No damage to casing. Casing keeps shape and is not distorted
  • Ease of operation
  • Efficiency gains and cost savings on a single well or many
  • Significant economies of scale and savings over large projects

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